About Beakbug
Beakbug are characters made by Indonesian youth to raise interest in Indonesia’s natural resources and culture through flora and fauna.
Uniquely featured, the Beakbug characters are inspired by the birds of Indonesia’s tropical islands, and the plant ornaments on their heads make them iconic and adorable. The beauty of Indonesia’s wonderful tropical islands has also become the perfect inspiration for the Beakbug’s home, where their habitat is now even more protected from poaching and extinction.
The Beakbug’s life, consisting of Pon Pon, Bulby, Ozzo, Nola, and Triplets, will be fun to follow because they have different characteristics that affect each other in their friendship. Eating, bathing, sleeping, dancing, singing, and playing are the Beakbug’s daily activities. Not only that, there’s always some inspiring activities they do when they’re playing and adventuring together in their beloved island, Tropical Island.