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Get to know Beakbug at Jakarta Car Free Day

It is so fun going on the streets and getting to know the people of Jakarta on Valentine’s Day!

Jakarta, February 14 2016 – This is the first time Beakbug was introduced to the public, especially to the people of Jakarta and its surrounding areas. Car Free Day is the right moment to meet many people of all ages, such as the elderly, children, and young people who work out together on a sunny Sunday.

Beakbug’s mascots, Bulby and Nola, who went on the streets successfully attracted many people because of their huge size, and indeed, these Beakbug icons are really adorable. Also, this moment coincided with Valentine’s Day, in which Beakbug also shared a bracelet with #ilovebeakbug writing and roses for free.

Through the activity Beakbug also promoted Beakbug’s official Instagram page, @beakbugofficial, by organizing a photo contest with Bulby or Nola. This first introduction of Beakbug received a positive response from the public with the increasing followers of @beakbugofficial to up to 800 followers on that day. Thank you, Jakarta!


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