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Beakbug Goes To School: Part 1

It’s time for Beakbug to visit your school! Who wants to be visited by Beakbug?

Beakbug Goes to School is one of the brand’s awareness activities with the aim to bring the Beakbug brand closer to its main market target: Indonesian children. By directly visiting schools in various regions, it is expected that Beakbug to be well known and loved by the students in those schools.

In this activity, Beakbug also wished to educate children on the flora and fauna of Indonesia, especially relating to the Beakbug brand. Through a fun program, namely an interactive quiz with the children with a prize of merchandise such as notebooks and hand fans, the activity successfully attracted the children’s interest and received an excellent response from them.

Beakbug also gave a gimmick, like the Beakbug stickers, to all students of that school so that they always remember Beakbug as the new friends of Indonesian children. Beakbug hope to be able to visit more schools and share knowledge in a fun way.


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